Clayton Wood is an SEO expert who’s launched two 200-person agencies. After meeting up with Clayton, I asked to see if he’d be cool with sharing a few of the products his team uses to be productive every day, over a screen share. -Conrad

A couple highlights from Clayton’s stack share:

  • With the slew of SEO features to get lost in, look at the reports Clayton get value from in SEMRush.
  • Clayton uses the free features in PressRush to find media outlets to reach out to. Have you found any other products that do the same?
  • If you do outreach, fast forward to 17:43 to see GPZWeb. While it has zero polish, it’s power is it allows you to send personalized LinkedIn invites and messages at scale (1,000+ messages per campaign). Use this info for good…OK?


Originally from which does original video research on how leading operators use sales & marketing products. 

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