I have a simple question..

After you’ve done the hard work of getting someone to visit your site for the first time, how many actually got the experience you wanted?

Yes, I’m talking about that hard to pin down experience of core product value – the “aha moment.”

Thing is, there are folks out there, growth experts, who’ve spent thousands, upon thousands of hours learning how we all can be made active through usability and A/B tests of copy, design and UX.

While that canvas of work that we enjoy is available at all times, as we get used to the great products we use every day, we lose what it took to get us onboarded.

User Onboarding is the process of getting a new user to a must-have experience.

Strong onboarding involves a mixture of selling, educating and using your product. It’s a set of best practices to get them active.

How Should We Onboard Users?

Why doesn’t someone go through all these flows and give us a sense of what the heck is going on? How can we make sure we’re not blind-sided by those great products we’ve yet to experience?

Recently, I got to work with a small team to painstakingly put together what will be the largest set of web onboarding flows that I know of – anywhere.

From these curated flows, I’ve pulled out a dozen of the best practices these startups have implemented, for you to test, in a single deck:

2016 Update: This deck has now grown to over 140,000 views. 

Do these practices match up with your experiences and tests? Let me know in the comments and enjoy!