At a recent GrowHack Meetup in NYC, we were lucky to bring in Michael Geer to give a talk on virality. Mike was in from the start to grow Badoo to its first 70 million users, and if you know a little about Badoo, referrals were a large part of that growth.

One of the subjects we focused on was free viral channels.

Much has been said about viral growth in the past, and in building your product, this isn’t a topic to skip over. Whether it’s B2C or B2B, you should plan out how virality can be baked in. You’ve already spent a lot of time building and testing your product, but have you spent time really thinking about how virality can add value to your users?

Here is a the de facto list to get started:

  1. Import webmail address books – Openinvite and APIs for the the big four (Google, Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL)

  2. API connections – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, FourSquare, Google +, Yammer, SalesForce

  3. Phone contacts

  4. Facebook apps

  5. Contact files (customer email lists, csv, etc.)

Here’s a short clip from the meetup that goes into a little more detail:

Also, if you’re interested in hearing more from Mike, who brings a wealth of knowledge to the table, here’s a link to his recently posted Udemy class. Check it out.

Virality can be quite a controversial topic and shouldn’t be thought too much in a silo.  Are there other viral channels that you’ve found to work well? Add them in the comments!