How to Get Anyone’s Email Address


I’ve heard lots of people mention clever ways of finding someone’s email address, but none are as good as a post I recently came across Rob Ousbey at Today I want to share his technique with you (video below).

It boils down to: generate a list of all the most likely email address permutations using a special Google document and then test them in Gmail using Rapportive. You’ll need three things:

  1. A Gmail account
  2. The Rapportive Gmail plugin
  3. Access to this Google doc (you’ll need to be logged in to make a copy)


Here’s the video that explains what you need to do:

I’m interested to see whose emails we’re able to figure out collectively… can we get the email address Richard Branson? Tim Ferriss? Ron Conway?

Give it a shot and post anything you find in the comments below. Then come back later and see what other people were able to get.

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