How to Get Anyone’s Email Address


I’ve heard lots of people mention clever ways of finding someone’s email address, but none are as good as a post I recently came across Rob Ousbey at Today I want to share his technique with you (video below).

It boils down to: generate a list of all the most likely email address permutations using a special Google document and then test them in Gmail using Rapportive. You’ll need three things:

  1. A Gmail account
  2. The Rapportive Gmail plugin
  3. Access to this Google doc (you’ll need to be logged in to make a copy)


Here’s the video that explains what you need to do:

I’m interested to see whose emails we’re able to figure out collectively… can we get the email address Richard Branson? Tim Ferriss? Ron Conway?

Give it a shot and post anything you find in the comments below. Then come back later and see what other people were able to get.

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    • Kei Reyes

      Unfortunately that don’t work anymore due to change in rapportive. It is still a good tool but for prospecting, now you need to put more effort. There are still free chrome plugins and tools like AeroLeads which can assist you to get the emails of prospects.

      You can also use email patterns to figure out the most possible email id, there are free tools too on the web which do this.

    • Anthony

      The Rapportive plugin certainly works. However, I only use it to look up a person when sending an email. It still offers a lot of context and help. The “Rapportive Hack”, trying to guess email addresses using Rapportive is too time consuming. I’m using for email search these days – It’s so much faster, and free. It also provides similar information that Rapportive does. I have tried verifying email addresses within LinkedIn, but sadly it doesn’t seem to work anymore 🙁

  • pharmarevival

    great article.. but when i tried it does not work….

  • Lyla Anne

    Whoa, this is amazing! Thank you for creating this video and sharing this information.

  • Guest
  • gabriel

    i like it 🙂 follow

  • Nick Campbell

    Here is a free tool that let you find email address using Rapportive automatically:

  • Sam

    Check out: — It’s like Rapportive on crack and also supplies all the social networks associated with that person’s email address.

  • Geetha Singhee

    If you work in outbound sales you are involved in email finding & prospecting. It’s one of the harder parts of a sales job. eMail Prospector allows you to identify anyone’s email address and then lets you know whether they are valid or not. It saves tons of your productive time.

  • Kyle Norton

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  • Paul Lampard

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  • Bartel

    Their is also an extension that automates this process. Not possible in bulk, but for a few adreses per day it works great.

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