A few weeks back, Noah Kagan stopped by to tell us his secret to how he grew a 500k person mailing list and built a multi-million dollar business in less than 18 months.

His advice? Give your customers a lovegasm.

It turns out that all of the businesses you and I love (and I mean LOVE – think about the companies and products that you actually tell your friends about) all do the same 6 things.

Want to know what they are? Noah Kagan tells you in this video:

My favorite part is where Noah talks about the simple little things Appsumo does to connect with their customers. I’m surprised more companies don’t just copy them!

If you’re having trouble building buzz and word of mouth for your product, you owe it to yourself to watch this video.

So How Do We Use the Six Steps?

Think about the 6 steps Noah mentions and how they relate to the businesses and products you love the most.

Lets get a discussion going so that we can learn from some other real-world examples.

What are your favorite companies, and what do they do that makes you talk about them?

Tell us in the comments.